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your nice politics, your socially conscious language choice, your great group of friends, your theory, your activism - 

those things matter. of course they do.

but when you turn out to be a person who hurts other people -  then all those things - your politics, your language, your friends - become nothing more than a weapon to wield. they become a shield against criticism. then I think that you’ve only ever cared so you can learn the language to get away with terrible things. 

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Spike Jonze wins the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay for Her, presented by Emma Thompson

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true friendship is going from “look at these cute shoes” to “do you like being choked sexually” in under ten minutes

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The Zapatistas: 20 Years On

just fyi: the shirts and the embroidery are made by the Zapatista women; they sell their artesanias to make a living, typically to people who visit the Caracoles, as they are usually harassed by other street vendors if they go into touristic parts of the cities.

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